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professional services

VULNEX services are highly specialized, professional and personalized to meet the security needs of our customers both within their infrastructures and development requirements in order to identify all risks and mitigate them. VULNEX motto is the satisfaction and protection of its customers.

Our cyber security services:

and Penetration Testing

Let the VULNEX team identify and verify the security risks in your organization through professional services such as vulnerability analysis and penetration testing internally and/or externally with a broad and complete range of attacks. More info

Application Security (AppSec)

The most complete services on secure development lifecycle (SDLC) including security review of architecture and design, threat modeling, security source code reviews with the latest technologies and application security testing. More info

Advanced Cyber Security Services

For organizations that require cutting-edge, customized services such as reverse engineering, development of exploits and proof of concept (PoC). More info

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